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Website Use

Please note that this website is provided "as is" and should be accessed and used by you at your own risk. We will not be responsible for any damage to or loss of data from computer or any other device as a result of using this website. All content, including without limitations, all text, design, graphics, images and logos are subject to intellectual property and proprietary rights to the website in all media. Users of this website may not remove, conceal, copy, reproduce or alter any portion of it without the express written consent of Creative Studio B.

Website Security & Unauthorized Use

Unauthorized use of or violation of the security of this website may result in a claim for damage or amount to a criminal offence.

Linking Terms

Linkers to this website will have to be under the following terms:

  • Linking to this website shall never under any circumstances impair the image or reputation of Creative Studio B.
  • This website may be linked to other websites, which are not maintained by creative Studio B.
  • Creative Studio B is not responsible for the content of those websites.

Setting up an account with Creative Studio B

  • When you set up an account with Creative studio B, you will have access to:

24-hour customer service, dedicated account manager, free integrated interface, etc.

  • Each client will have a log in name and password by which they can access their account. Using this account will allow the client to manage his communication with Creative Studio B. i.e. placing orders, billing and funds.
  • All information in clientsí accounts is confidential and fully secured.


How to Order

  • The client selects the required design service/s and submits detailed descriptions of the job required by filling in creative briefs and providing samples of the design required.
  • The client also will have to specify the time frame within which they require the design to be ready.
  • Original quotation may need to be adjusted if there is any change in the requirements.
  • Creative Studio B reserves the right to return any plagiarized, illegal or immoral material submitted by the client and will not be held responsible for such an action.
  • Orders delayed due to insufficient submitted design requirements will be the clientís responsibility and Creative Studio B will not be held responsible for the delay.
  • If we are responsible for the delay, the client may choose to consent to an extension of their order or request a refund according to our refund policy.
  • If the delay is for a reason beyond our control, we shall be authorized to give the client notice of suspension or cancellation of the contract, without being liable for any loss that may be incurred as a result of this and the client will have to pay for any work or materials that have been provided to the date of such notice.



If the client wants to get his design copyrighted, they will have to do it with the relevant authorities in their area.

Designs with copyright issues (as a result of any similarities found during registration) will be revised free of cost only if:

  • The proof of objection by copyright registration authorities is provided.
  • The designers are allowed to use their creativity when designing. However, copyrights cannot be guaranteed.

If we were provided with instructions to copy a certain design, our revision policy will not be applied.

If a client decides to cancel his order, the ownership of the design copyright will be transferred to Creative Studio B.

Revision Policy

  • The number of revisions of the final design will vary according to what is stated in the contract or the design package selected.
  • Any additional requirements and/or modifications will be charged as new services.
  • Modifications to the final design sample will be counted as additional services and will be charged.
  • Creative Studio B reserves the right not to offer revisions for final designs.


Finalization of order and shipping of final files

  • Clientís ownership and rights are to the final design and does not apply to any samples provided before the final design is delivered.
  • All samples are the property of Creative Studio B and the client shall not use them for any purpose
  • Clients are responsible for the final design and the way it shall be used.
  • Free shipment of final files on CD is available for both Canada and the USA. Custom clearance and all such issues are the receiverís responsibility.
  • Shipment times vary according to destination and courier used.


Confidentiality of your customers

  • Clients will be able to manage multiple orders for multiple customers at the same time by using the designated account area.
  • The client will have the option of not disclosing the customersí information.
  • The client will be responsible for specifying their customersí requirements for each order submitted.
  • Creative Studio be will not contact any of the customers directly.


Creative Studio B reserves the right to use any of the designs that has been produced by its designers for promotional purposes.

Illegal or Inflammatory Materials

Creative Studio B reserves the right to refuse to accept or to terminate any project for any reason including when the materials submitted are illegal or inflammatory. We will have no liability of any kind to you or to your customers as a result of this refusal or termination.



The billing will be per the published price list. Creative Studio B may change its published prices quarterly upon 30-day notice. It may change its published prices annually upon 90-day notice for those on subscription plans.


Credit Facility

Credit facility is available to the clients. It is at the discretion of Studio B to reduce or cancel the credit limit. The clients can avail credit limit according to the plan they choose which can later be revised depending on the clientís choice and client history.

Payment Policy

Account Area Deposit

A prepaid account is maintained by the client through their Account Area at Studio B. Before placing an order, they need to have deposits in the Account Area. The clients are required to manage their accounts and manage their funds in the Account Area.

In case a client wishes to withdraw funds from the account or wishes to terminate it, he can meet with the account manager and take a refund after clearing any outstanding dues.



Billing is done according to the international currency rate prevalent the day the order is placed.



If a client chooses to cancel the order after the work has commenced, he will be liable to pay for the work completed till then. In case a client decides to cancel the order after finalizing the design sample, Studio B is not liable to refund the design service cost and the client is to bear the full cost of design ordered. Studio B will only refund the amount paid for design service and is not liable for any loss of business or damage resulting thereof.


In case a client chooses to cancel the order before accepting the design services, 80% of the design service price will be refunded.

Clients are not subject to refund under the following exceptions:

-Once the client finalizes design service from the offered samples

-If the client requests for revision

-If the client requests for a new set of samples not accepting the initial ones

-If a client has multiple design services in an order, the refund will be applicable to the package ordered as a whole and not on the individual design services


Licensing Creative Studio Bís Tools

Creative Studio B retains all rights of ownership of the tools provided to the clients, whether in original or modified form, to help market our services to their customers. The clients may not use these tools with any other graphic design or marketing service. The clients are to return all licensed tools upon the termination of this agreement.


Terms and Termination

Term of Agreement: This agreement stays in effect till it is terminated.

Termination: This agreement shall automatically end if the client does not cure the material breach of this Agreement within thirty days of having received a notice from Creative Studio B

describing such breach. The client may terminate this agreement on 180 days written notice.


Limitation of Liability

These terms and conditions are inapplicable in case of flood, riot, fire, judicial or governmental action, labor disputes, natural calamities or any other causes beyond our control.