Become a Lean
Design Partner

Studio B will analyze your company’s creative and production workflow to identify waste and implement lean process from the begining to the end.

Apply Lean Process
in your Organization

Examine Machinery, Materials, Time, and Labor, in an effort to reduce costs and increase capacity without overtime, increased supervision, or additional training. Increase your botom line!

“Implement a multi-source strategy to streamline your enterprise”

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Lean Design in a Lean Enterprise is a process where lean thinking, continuous improvement, kaizen, and other lean concepts are applied to achieve cycle time reduction. We measure the current state, identify the future state and use a systematic approach to adding value and eliminating waste in the design, production processes. This leads to a typical 30 to 40% reduction in cost and a 50 to 75% improvement in throughput. To have a Studio B Lean Specialists identify opportunities to realize these benefits and much more, contact us today.