Unique to Studio B, we have production facilities in 8 countries worldwide, each with a set of custom-tailored competencies around one or two functional areas of design execution. One team, for example, will execute Banner Ad development, while another team does prepress Mechanical production. The teams run parallel, so we never run out of capacity. Collectively we have in excess of 2,000 trained design professionals working 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We map your creative development process and integrate lean design. This allows you to realize savings in the order of 50% or more without adding headcount or start up costs. Some Clients have saved as much as 75% when factoring desk-cost, labor, benefits and physical space requirements.



Production Facilities

production facilities

“Implement a multi-source strategy to streamline your enterprise”

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Studio B launched as a single concept. Apply Lean Enterprise Practices to Marketing Communications and creative deployment.  Lean design improves throughput by enabling a pull system for design executables, this results in a typical 50% reduction in costs while increasing capacity.  By mapping process of the current and future state we are able to effectively identify the ideal areas in the production process that lean design services can be applied to.  By applying the Studio B Enterprise (SBE) process, we identify, analyze, implement and measure a custom solution for your specific needs.